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Badgers of Blackpool

UK distributors of heat seal transfers, CAD-CUT® textile vinyls, heat press equipment and garments

Mimaki Print & Cut CJV30 Range | Badgers of Blackpool | ...

Probably the best Print and Cut machines in their class, the NEW Mimaki CJV30 range of machines lead the way for speed quality, performance and value for money. / heat press - UK Heat Press/ heat presses/...

UK designed heat press t-shirt transfer machines, come with a lifetime warranty..

Heat Seal Lettering Systems | Badgers of Blackpool | Custom ...

A wide range of heat-applied lettering solutions for use with a heat seal press.

About/Contact us - / heat press

They are many ways to contact us: Use this contact form: click to Email us. Phone: 01274 79 28 87. Use the live chat below, if we are off-line you can still leave a message and we will get back to you within 24hrs. Live Chat by Comm100 A Little about Us At Sublimagic® we are leading the UK and Euro....

Heat Seal Numbering Systems | Badgers of Blackpool | Custom ...

A wide range of heat-applied numbering solutions for use with a heat seal press.

Additional Services | Badgers of Blackpool | Custom Heat Tra...

Details of the additional services we provide, such as silk screen printing and embroidery.

Hotronix and MAXX Heat Press Brands : Stahls' Hotronix

Learn about the universal quality features of these top of the line heat press brands from Hotronix. We offer both automatic & manual heat presses..

Hotronix Air Fusion heat press : Stahls' Hotronix

The Air Fusion is the only heat press machine with auto adjust pressure and is the best choice for direct-to-garment printing and embossing..

Hotronix Auto Open 6 x 6 heat press : Stahls' Hotronix

The 6 x 6 heat press is ideal for heat printing small items such as labels, can koozies, sleeve cuffs, and more..

Hotronix Auto Open Clam Heat Press : Stahls' Hotronix

The best-selling Auto Open Clam heat press gives you the convenience of an air press without an air compressor. Available in three sizes..

Hotronix Cap Heat Press - htx test : Stahls' Hotronix

The Hotronix Cap heat press offers many features and benefits to make heat printing head wear and other small items such as can koozies, umbrellas, easier..

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