About Us

Who are we?

KeyLineSearch has been specifically developed to provide the print industry with a much needed "Vertical Search" platform. Vertical Search Engines typically make relevant documents easier to find as unstructured and irrelevant documents are not contained within the indexes.

KeyLineSearch has collected product and information pages from industry leading websites and indexed them with our proprietary algorhythms. Every page in our index is highly relative to the print industry, which means you will have less irrelevant content to sort through, saving you both time and effort.

Our Mission

Our mission is to simply make your Vertical Search experience as quick and accurate as possible. We aim to return highly relevant content to you in a reasonable search time.

How you can help

Please give us your feedback on our Vertical Search Engine, good or bad! If you would like to see omitted sites in our index, have a bug to report, a feature to request, or just want to get in touch please email us at